What is Worxica?

Worxica is a job market research tool. It tracks Canadian job market trends by collecting and analyzing information from millions of Canadian job ads found online in the past year. Worxica answers questions like: How many job postings were advertised in the past year in your selected occupation, in your region(*) ? Who was hiring? What skills and certifications did they require? How much did they pay? How does your region compare to the rest of your province / territory? - and more

How do I use Worxica?

It depends on your situation, but here are some ideas: If you are a job seeker or a student, you can find the skills and certifications local employers require in your selected occupation: Adding them to your resume will improve your chances of getting hired. You can also identify local employers who have been looking for people with your skills, then look to connect with them: There is a good chance that they will be hiring again in the future. Information about recently advertised salaries can help you negotiate your compensation with your boss or future employer.

* available across Canada except in Quebec